HENRY CLAMPITT for Red Clay School Board

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Consider these excerpts from Atnre Alleyne's blog:
(click here for the full blog article "What we don’t know about school boards can hurt us") 

"Before electing someone to our school boards, we should want to know much more than whether they have a child in the school district or whether they are a product of schools in the district. It should take more than someone whispering sweet nothings stuffed with education buzzwords (e.g. trauma, whole child, opt out, socio-emotional learning, etc.) in our ears."

"We should know their executive, managerial, and financial experience before we let them make major personnel decisions and decisions about budgets."

"The vetting process should be much more intense before we hand over the keys to taxpayer funds and students’ life outcomes. Because although serving on a school board is a volunteer role, it is not charity. And what we don’t know about school boards can really hurt us."

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published May 3rd in The News Journal (delawareonline.com)

The online article was also published in print in the Sunday Edition of the The News Journal:  "Red Clay Board Should Insist On Better Results"


Click here to review my clear support for Red Clay's magnet and charter schools and to see the doubts and accusations against these popular schools by my opponents.
(Source:  BlueDelaware.com)


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Election Date: May 9th 2017 ... Poll Locations: Red Clay School Buildings
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