HENRY CLAMPITT for Red Clay School Board

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Senator David P. Sokola, Delaware Senate District 8 and Chair, Senate Education Committee

I have had the pleasure of working with Henry on two important efforts in Delaware education.  In 2015 we both served on the General Assembly’s Enrollment Preferences Task Force (HB-90), and in 2016 Henry was very helpful to the Senate Education Committee in seeking improvements to two charter school audit bills (HB-154 and SB-171) which resulted in bipartisan support for HB-435 being signed into law.

In my experience, Henry came to these efforts well prepared, ready to listen and willing to advocate for what he felt are the best solutions.  He has extensive experience and knowledge of public school matters and financial oversight, and I have no doubt that the Red Clay community will be lucky to have him as their advocate on the board.  He is an excellent candidate: well-informed, experienced, collaborative and sincere.

Henry has my endorsement for the Red Clay School Board!

Mary Teeter, Gateway Lab School 7th Grade ELA Teacher

Henry has been an effective and active participant of the GLS Board. He has an incredible depth of knowledge that allows him to connect and build on important ideas- pushing the organization toward positive and productive growth.

Zachary Plerhoples, Odyssey Charter School Physical Ed. Teacher – LC

Henry is a smart, hard working person with high moral and ethical integrity. The RCCSB and everyone in District will be lucky to have him.

Stephanie Clatworthy - Red Clay Parent

Protect and support charter schools.  Vote for Henry Clampitt!

Robert Fry - Chief Economist at Robert Fry Economics LLC

I served with Henry Clampitt on the Board of Directors of the Charter School of Wilmington. Henry was the most diligent, hardest-working Board member I served with in my nearly five years on the Board. Not only was he a great Board member in his own right; he made the rest of us better. When you see someone working that hard and taking his responsibilities that seriously, you raise your game so you don't feel like a slacker.

Other than my late mother -- a high-school librarian -- I can't think of any one who would make a better school-board member than Henry Clampitt. As a Red Clay resident whose property value depends on the quality of Red Clay schools, I will definitely vote for Henry on Tuesday.

(originally posted as a comment to Henry's "Delaware Voice" letter which was published by The News Journal (online) on May 3rd; click on this link DelawareOnline.com)

George Rotsch - Board Member, Tech Forum of Delaware

To all my friends in Red Clay School District... here is a good man seeking to make a difference for all the right reasons. Vote for Henry Clampitt May 9th.

Robin Lober - The Charter School of Wilmington, Social Science Teacher

Vote Henry Clampitt on May 9th!


I am enclosing a short list with some of the many people I have worked with on education and parent matters.  If you want to find out their experience in working directly with me, please reach out and ask them for their individual views:


Senator David P Sokola – 8th Senate District

Carla Markell – First Lady of Delaware

Victoria Gehrt – Superintendent, NCC Vocational District

Jordan Seemans – Legislative Liaison, Governor’s Office



Dr. Mervin Daugherty – Superintendent, RCCSD

Hugh Broomall – Deputy Superintendent, RCCSD

Samuel Golder – Director of Secondary Education, RCCSD

Adriana Bohm – Red Clay Board of Directors (current)

Faith Newton - Red Clay Board of Directors (current)

Catherine H. Thompson – Red Clay Board of Directors (current)

Irwin J. Becnel – Red Clay Board of Directors (former) and CSW Board of Directors (former)



Any current/former teacher, administrator or board member associated with

·       Gateway Lab Charter School (http://www.gatewaylabschool.org/)

·       The Charter School of Wilmington (http://charterschool.org/)

Kendall Massett – Executive Director, Delaware Charter Schools Network

James D. Taylor, Jr – Partner, Saul Ewing LLP

Timothy Griffiths – Executive Director, Gateway Lab School

Nate Schwartz – Board President, Gateway Lab School (present) and RCCSD Inclusion Committee (former)

Samuel Paoli – President, CSW (current)

Charles D. Baldwin – President, CSW (former) and Founder, DMA

Eric Anderson – Vice President, CSW (current) and Christina School District Board of Directors (former)

Yvonne Johnson – Co-President (former) of the CSW Parent Association (we served together)

Reese Rigby – CCSA/CSW Wrestling Coach and High School Science Teacher, CCSA

Julie Rumschlag – Dean, CCSA

Mary Tise – Librarian, CCSA

Mark Pruitt – Principal, CSS

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Election Date: May 9th 2017 ... Poll Locations: Red Clay School Buildings
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