HENRY CLAMPITT for Red Clay School Board

Henry Clampitt Red Clay

About the Candidate

I am excited to be running for the
Red Clay School Board!  Here is a brief recap of who I am and what I believe I will add to the district as a board member.

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Biographical Sketch

Candidate:     Henry ClampittHenry Clampitt Red Clay

The Clampitt Election Committee
P. O. Box 724
Hockessin, Delaware 19707
302-304-8688  /  Henry@Clampitt4RedClay.com

Spouse:  Jane
Children:  Grace, Jeffrey and Peter
Education:  B. S. Chemical Engineering, University of Maryland

Education Governance Experience:

  • Gateway Lab Charter School – Board Treasurer
  • The Charter School of Wilmington – Board Secretary, Parent Director
  • The Charter School of Wilmington – Co-President, Parent Association
  • Board Finance Training Certificate – DE Department of Education
  • Board Training – DE Academy of School Leadership (“DASL”) – UD Prof Dev Ctr
  • Member, Enrollment Preferences Task Force - DE General Assembly
  • Member, Legislative Advisory Committee – DE Charter School Network

Other Notable Education Experience and Activity:                         

  • Public Comments:  RCCSD Board; RCCSD CFRC; WEIC Charter-District Collaboration
  • Chair, CSW President Search Committee
  • Chair, CSW Charter Renewal Committee (N.B., charter renewal with Red Clay)
  • User Experience, Data Service Center (School Finance Database)

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Long Term Resident of Red Clay

I first moved to Delaware 35 years ago as a young chemical engineer.  Jane and I were married in the Highlands at St. Ann’s, and over the years we have made our home in Trolley Square, Greenville and Hockessin.  We raised three wonderful children who attended Sanford School, The Charter School of Wilmington, the University of Delaware and Millersville University.   This is our home and we are happy, committed and contributing citizens in many ways.

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Active in my Community as a Resident

Like many people, my community activities have reflected service to neighbors and friends.  For more than 15 years I have served on neighborhood boards as an elected member, filling roles from secretary to president.  These boards have dealt with everything you might expect from your own neighborhood association:  landscape maintenance, safety/security, deed restrictions, signage and capital improvements.  This kind of board is a great way to get started in community service, and I have met and had the pleasure of working with countless neighbors and local political figures as a result.

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Active in my Community as a Parent

I started out the way most parents do … with sports, clubs and schools:  soccer, baseball, swimming, Scouts, school athletics and school-parent associations.  My involvement in these activities grew with my children, year by year.  Through countless hours and unforgettable fun, I have served in many ways as a helper, driver, coach, manager, committee chair, booster, fundraiser and more.   As an active parent I had the opportunity to meet and enjoy all kinds of friends and families from many backgrounds.

When our sons entered high school I stepped up at their school for election as a Co-President of the CSW Parent Association.  In this role I helped to bring consensus to the school community during a time of changing school leadership.  Two years later that role led to my election as a Parent Director.  After I was no longer a school parent the CSW board appointed me to be a community director for an additional three years.  While on the CSW board I was active in leadership of key areas:  governance, bylaws, policy, the hiring of a new President, and the renewal of our charter with the Red Clay school district.

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Active in my Community as an Empty Nester

As our children started graduating from college my activities have expanded beyond neighborhoods and CSW.   In 2015 I was appointed to a task force of the Delaware General Assembly to work toward consensus on enrollment practices in public schools.  I also joined an advisory board which follows new legislation affecting Delaware charter schools.  And in 2016 I joined the board of the Gateway Lab School whose mission is to serve students who thrive best in non-traditional classroom settings. 

I have attended nearly every Red Clay board meeting since 2009.  Through 2015 and 2016 I have been a regular attendee at various Red Clay board committees including the Board Policy Committee and the Community Financial Review Committee.     And since 2009 I have provided public comments at Red Clay board meetings on topics of importance such as student outcomes, strategic plans, tax referendums and the undue burdens of redistricting under WEIC. 

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My Profession

In addition to the activities I have described above, I have a profession which I enjoy tremendously.   I started out with a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Maryland and have followed a progression of engineering and business roles in the chemical industry throughout my career. 

I currently work as an independent business consultant on corporate development projects in the chemical industry.  This line of work regularly involves a broad set of capabilities and experience in finance, contracts, HR, technology, marketing and strategic planning.  My work requires skills which broadly translate to similar capabilities that an effective school board member should have.

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Overall …Henry Clampitt Red Clay

Having grown in community service over time, I have learned firsthand the value of outreach, hard work, having fun and helping others in helping our community.  I believe that my record, experience, and capabilities are a great fit for the Red Clay School Board, and that I can provide a strong and effective voice for our community.  I am focused on excellent schools, school choice, fiscal responsibility and public collaboration.   I am asking for your vote and your support, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve the Red Clay school district and community.   

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Election Date: May 9th 2017 ... Poll Locations: Red Clay School Buildings
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